National consumer debt metrics for 2Q/19

Daunting Debt

19Q2 marked the 20th consecutive quarter of increasing household debt. During the quarter, debt increased by $192 billion, to $13.86 trillion. Mortgage debt rose by $162 billion to $9.406 trillion, surpassing the previous high of $9.294 trillion in 08Q3. Total debt is now $1.2 trillion, or 9.3% higher than the previous peak of $12.68 trillion also set in 08Q3. Since 08Q3, GDP has grown by 42% and inflation by 17.6%.

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About TARR Report

S.M.A. Publications was formed in 1997 with a mission of providing real estate information for practitioners within the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. The company produces the T.A.R.R. Reports which are published monthly, quarterly and annually, covering all aspects of the residential real estate market. The publisher, Stacey P. Anfindsen, has over 23 years of residential experience in the Triangle market. He is an active real estate appraiser, educator and consultant.
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